Due to extenuating circumstances, all Duck's Echo Sound products are currently unavailable for purchase until further notice. Thanks for your past business, and we look forward to what the future holds!'

Welcome to Duck's Echo Sound, home of:


-The Perfect Pickle  (Twist Lock) and Piccolo (XLR) miniature chain hoist controllers, also known as a "pocket-sized pickle" 


-MIDI remote controls for QLab, SFX, SCS, etc
Note: All models now ship with a class-compliant USB MIDI connection, allowing direct USB connection to the computer without any drivers needing to be installed. Remotes are available with a single USB port, as well as with two independent ports for use in dual-computer redundant systems

Single USB Port:
UR-4 Four Button USB MIDI Remote: $199
UR-42 Six Button USB MIDI Remote: $249

Dual USB Ports:
UR-4D Four-button Dual USB MIDI Remote: $249
UR-42D Six-button Dual USB MIDI Remote $299


-Complete turnkey QLab computer playback systems, ranging from compact laptop-based to industry-leading dual-computer redundant systems.


-Countless custom MIDI devices and other electronic control products.




We're still working on getting our retail website up and running, so if you're looking to order any of our products, please e-mail us at  Info@DucksEchoSound.com .




About Us


Founded by Andy Lang, an IATSE Local 1 sound engineer in NYC, we specialize in making tools for live entertainment that are designed to work, no questions asked, day in and day out in the rigors of a production environment. We designed these products for our own shows, and they turned out so well, we decided to offer them for sale to the rest of the entertainment world, too!